AquaSupport - In support of safe clean drinking water worldwide.
In Support of Safe Clean Drinking Water Worldwide

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This water aid charity formed in 2001 "The Roy Hackett and David Rees Trust" known as "AquaSupport" was formed to ensure that all funds raised, would go to the provision of safe clean drinking water worldwide.

No charity funds to be used to pay costs or expenses incurred by the trust or trustees. This has been achieved by the good grace of "Hackett's of Eckington, Beer Wine and Spirits". Providing Sponsorship for Band Concerts and ensuring funds are available to cover the cost of this website. All other cost has been met by the trustees.

Firstly Trust Secretary "David H Rees" Past District Governor District 1220, Past President and Founder Member Rotary Club of Newark Castle. Trust Treasurer "David Oldale" Past President and Founder Member Rotary Club of Dronfield. Trustee and Chairman "Roy Hackett" Past President and Founder Member Rotary Club of Eckington.

This ensures ALL FUNDS AND DONATIONS raised go to the provision of:


The need for safe Clean Drinking Water now in the year 2011 Is more acute than when this charity was formed in 2001 The latest disasters in New Zealand and Japan both triggered by earthquakes highlight the need for the service provided by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth AQUABOX ,. We need take advantage of the internet  to contact responsible rotary clubs and other agencies in the areas affected, to ensure the aqua support required is provided to minimise the problems caused when  raw sewerage contaminates the drinking water, also the need for Safe bottled water, since the further contamination by the nuclear power stations in japan, now there is no safe drinking water available. As time passes aid is available but the damage is done, The sooner the response the more lives are saved.


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The Roy Hackett and David Rees Trust known as AquaSupport


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